Combine [D]
Combine [D]
GENRE : Rock
TYPE : Concert
LIEU : Deux Ours asbl
DATE : 11/11/2015
HEURE : 20:00
COMBINE est un groupe pop rock basé à Berlin constitué de Daniel Tourgeman (Chant, Guitare, clavier), Ron Stephenson (guitare), Gilad Gur (Bass) et Yotam Weiss (Drums)

Leur histoire a commencé en 2008 dans le nord d'Israël au kibboutz Gadot, où Yotam et Ron ont eu accès à une salle de cinéma abandonné dans laquelle ils ont répété, écrit et enregistré le premier album. Peu après, ils ont été rejoints par Gilad, qui allait plus tard amener Daniel au groupe. Le cadre pittoresque - un ancien cinéma avec une belle nature environnante, soulignée par les sons intermittents des explosions et des fusées – a été inspirant pour créé plus tard leur deuxième album: "Go Go Go!".

Depuis son arrivée à Berlin en 2014, le groupe a de plus en plus de fans. Ils ont joué en Israël, Allemagne et en Autriche avec l’album "Go Go Go!".•

Combine's second Album "Go Go Go" was released in May by SnowhitePR and has been going through the roof!Here is their official music video "I am not alone": http://youtu.be/mb4O1VT_k_kAttached is a link to their promo website with all the relevant details. You can get an appetite for what the band sounds like and who there are under the following link:http://snowhitepr.com/promotion/combine/Recently they also were at Off Record hosted by Flux Fm and Freshmilk.tv and were able to put a spell on their audience: http://www.freshmilk.tv/videos/berlin-sessions-combine/EXTRA

Combine are a Berlin based pop rock band consisting of Daniel Tourgeman (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard), Ron Stephenson (Lead Guitar), Gilad Gur (Bass) and Yotam Weiss (Drums). 

Their story began in 2008 in the north of Israel at Kibbutz Gadot, where Yotam and Ron gained access to an abandoned movie theatre in which they rehearsed, wrote and recorded the first of Combine’s material. Soon after they were joined by Gilad, who would later introduce Daniel to the group. The scenic setting - an old cinema with beautiful surrounding nature, underscored by the intermittent sounds of explosions and rockets - was where Combine later created their second album: “Go Go Go!”. 

Since moving to Berlin in 2014, the band further solidified their fan bases at home and in Berlin and conducted successful tours of Israel, Germany and Austria in support of "Go Go Go!". They are currently writing new material planning their European tour for later in 2015. Bernhard Brucker from Slam Magazin rated their LP at a 7,5."In their home Israel they have managed to build a fanbase with their striking mix of driving rock and melo-dark pop. Last year they started their adventure called Berlin. 

With their luggage they took their second LP GO GO GO!, recorded it in the ruins of a closed down cinema in Israel. The eleven tracks combine heavy guitar riffs with the enchanting emotional vocals of front woman Daniel Tourgemann, whose powerful voice gives their music a very unique feature."


PRIX : 10 Eur.